Streaky Pro-MB Presets

Streaky Pro-MB Presets

P2P | 31 August 2023 | 2 MB

FabFilter Pro-MB Presets
Use the same multiband compression settings as pro engineers use daily.

Why You Need These Presets In Your Toolkit!

1. Years In The Making
These presets have been built by Streaky over the past 10 years, They are the starting point when the FabFilter Pro-MB is used at Streaky Studios.

2. Time Saver
Being able to re-call your go to settings will help you fast track your results, this also has the benefit of achieving a more consistent sound from all your mixing and mastering.

3. Learn
You’ll be seeing the exact setting that Pro engineers use daily, by hearing the effect these have, you’ll be able to apply this knowledge when you are using other compressors too.

All The Settings You Need For The Pro-MB!
“These are my starting point for all my sessions when I’m using the FabFilter Pro-MB, It saves me a ton of time by not having to re-create my settings, they’re all ready to go in the preset dropdown!”

– Streaky

About Streaky
Streaky has been a professional engineer for over 25 years working at some of the biggest studios in Europe including Metropolis Studios, his clients include – Ed Sheeran, Adele, Jonas Blue, Krept & Konan, Depeche Mode, Paul Weller, Skepta, Naughty Boy and many more…


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