Substruction Padshop Expansion

Substruction Padshop Expansion

25 April 2024 | 136 MB

Feel the pulse of the underground
Break free from the mainstream and turn up the electrifying energy of Substruction. Explore 225 new sounds for Padshop, which are full of movement, textures, innovative arpeggiated patterns and kits. Crafted for the modern producer, Substruction delivers a diverse palette of sonic elements, from gritty electric guitars to deep basses, hard-hitting glitched beats and cinematic vocal pads from beyond. Ignite an explosive substructure of boundless creativity!

225 new creative presets for Padshop

162 manipulated stereo samples

Toolkit for music producers, film composers and sound designers

All presets designed by Gary Gibbons from Online Music Foundry


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