Subterranean Sequences WAV-FANTASTiC

Subterranean Sequences WAV

FANTASTiC | 11 March 2023 | 345 MB

Something is happening under the city streets. Something parents around the world have feared. Something the news media has repeatedly warned is taking over the youth of today. Something the priests, pastors and religious leaders have all feared to be true: something (perhaps) the devil himself is responsible for. The kids have lost complete control.

Beneath the surface of downtown ‘anywhere’ lives a culture of night revelers. Young people who sleep through the day and wake up as the sun begins to set, rested and eager to embrace the darkness and celebrate repetitive rhythms and dance like possessed maniacs to scowl inducing music.

Dance music made as cold as jet black metal and designed for a room with atmospherics of moody joy, and dirty, concrete salvation. It’s the reason steam is coming up from the manholes in the city streets. This is the sound of ‘Subterranean Sequences,’ a sound product that only confirms what God-fearing parents and law enforcement officials hoped to be impossible. The kids have lost control and they want the music to match their debauched mood. Inside ‘Subterranean Sequences’ is an onslaught of angry, menacing bass lines, distorted percussion and repetitive sounds that would cause Satan himself to worry. It’s production tools made for those who want to create party music for dark souls.


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