Supernova II Soundset Hypernova Presets

Supernova II Soundset Hypernova Presets

Presets | 14 Kb

A set of 128 well crafted patches for your Novation Supernova I/II containing cool leads, beautiful keys, atmospheric pads and classic sounds.

The sounds in the Hypernova soundset explores the complex envelope settings as well as the synthesizer’s FX section. Many of the patches make use of the fx chain configuration to obtain beautiful atmospheric spaces along with the chorus/flange fx. Also the comb filter is explored. Most unison patches doesn’t use more than 2 voices so that everyone can experience the sounds with all Supernova versions (20-48 voices) In my honest opinion, greater settings than 2 voice unison doesn’t really do much to the sound. The sounds are not designed for any specific genre even though there are some classic edm-style basses and trance leads.

All patches are designed for the OS 2.0


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