Swiss Saturator v1.0 MacOS-Xdb

Swiss Saturator v1.0 MacOS-Xdb

Team Xdb | AU/VST – x64 | 8.16 MB

Cover all of your saturation needs with a quality-sounding VST that adds instant character to samples and recordings by applying gentle-to-brutal distortion.

In addition to its distinctive drivers, phatteners, and crushers, Swiss Saturator is filled with customization options. Adjust the distortion levels of the entire frequency spectrum by exploring Swiss Saturator’s separate low, mid, and high-frequency processing.

Swiss Saturator features three identical saturation rows with plenty of options for monitoring and customizing sound. On the top of each row, you can find Solo, Mute, and Bypass buttons, incredibly convenient for in-depth sound shaping. The Mute buttons can also work as makeshift band removers.

The real magic, however, happens in the DRIV, PHAT, and CRUS knobs, which are the heart and soul of Swiss Saturator. They all apply some form of sound distortion to processed signals, but they do so very differently. It’s the combination of these three saturators, depending on the frequencies sitting in each band, that makes Swiss Saturator such a flexible tool for music distortion.

I n s t a l l N o t e s

– uninstall previous versions
– unpack and install with installer
– allways block internet connection
– enjoy!


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