Synestia FX v0.6.0 Beta WiN-MOCHA

Synestia FX v0.6.0 Beta WiN-MOCHA

MOCHA | VST3 | 5.5MB

Synestia is an advanced multi-effect plugin for the utmost in creative sound processing. It combines 8 inspiring effects: physical-modeled resonators, filters, modulated delays, distortion and more.

Modulation lies at the heart of Synestia, generating complex rhythmic patterns and evolving atmospheric soundscapes. All parameters can be controlled by any combination of a wide range of dynamic modulators.

A flexible and unique approach to patching opens unexpected possibilities, and brings signal routing under the control of dynamic modulation.

Synestia has 8 different effect types. Many of Synestia’s effects are derived from Plasmonic, but they have all been improved and enhanced to expand their sonic character and capabilities.

All parameters in Synestia can be modulated by any combination of modulators. Modulators can be triggered rhythmically, freely looped, or triggered by audio input. Polarity, depth, inversion are all adjustable per-parameter, making modulation control very precise.


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