T-Exciter v. 1.0.2 [MOCHA]

T-Exciter v. 1.0.2 [MOCHA]

VST2 / VST3| 4.37 MB

Techivation T-Exciter is a plug-in designed to bring life and energy to sounds. It helps with brightening up the high frequencies in a very musical and smooth way. It also adds more width to sound without losing its power. Bring your sound to life quickly, and smartly. T-Exciter enhances the sound where EQ alone can’t seem to get it.

Here’s what T-Exciter can help you with
Add instant richness and crispness to your mix
Spice up your vocals with more energy
Quickly bring any sounds to the front of the mix
Create a distinct character for your vocals
Quickly bring any sounds to the front of the mix
Add more excitement and energy to your guitar tracks
Make your mixes outstanding by making details sound more audible
Glue your instruments together nicely
Turn a lifeless track into a musical living sound


Effect Modes

There are four effect mode buttons in T-Exciter, and each is designed for a different kind of excitement to add to a sound.

This will make the sounds sharper, making the details more audible.

This mode will add more air to your sound, making it more musical.

This helps to glue sounds together more nicely, and adding overall excitement.

It will bring the sounds more to the front and let them cut through the mix.

This tool allows you to add dramatic or subtle depth and width to your mono, narrow mixes, or audio files by widening your stereo image.
CPU Optimized

T-Exciter is well optimized for low CPU usage on both Windows and macOS.
Oversampling set at 8X

T-Exciter’s oversampling reduces aliasing by running the internal process at a greater sample rate than the host, 8 times faster giving you a better sound quality.
GUI Scale

Scale up/down the GUI from 80% to 150% according to your preferences.

Undo and redo options are built inside the plugin, you no longer need to worry about losing setting values.
A/B Switch

Compare different options fast and easy to see which might work best.
Dry/wet Mix

The “Mix” option controls the mix of the two input and output signals. This feature makes it perfect for parallel processing.

Graphic user interface (GUI)

The user interface of T-Exciter follows the same simplicity and minimalist design as the T-De-Esser or T-Clarity. We’ve only added the essential and effective controls that will lead you to get the sound that you expect to get from this magical plug-in.

While the interface front-end look is simplified and straightforward, this plug-in contains a whole lot of different complex algorithms and processing in the back-end. Though, its clean interface lets you easily operate this powerful tool.

The graphical user interface of T-Exciter can scale from 80% to 150% to your preferences, and it’s optimized for high-resolution retina monitors. Its minimal design also lets you save more CPU power.


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