The Drop v1.8.3 Incl Patched and Keygen macOS-RET

The Drop v1.8.3 macOS-RET

Team RET | 16 Jan 2024 | 21 MB

The Drop is an analog modelled resonant filter plug-in based on classic analog synth filters, as well as completely new designs. There is a huge level of detail in the models, which gives them amazing drive and tone, as well as smooth audio rate modulation behaviour. The original structure of the circuits is preserved in the model, as is the location and shape of all major non-linearities.

Dual filter section with a Highpass followed by a Lowpass filter.
10 Highpass and 10 Lowpass circuit modelled filters from classic synths.
Loads of drive and character.
Full frequency range and perfect resonance tracking without oversampling so there is no delay for live use.
Huge amounts of resonance, also a resonance limit button for DJ use.
Two LFOs, one basic, one powerful with step sequencer for levels.
Two Envelopes / Followers, diode modelled, from input or sidechain.
FM from input or sidechain.
Stereo and Mono processing.


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