The Frog Sample Pack WAV FREE

The Frog Sample Pack WAV FREE

24.05.2024 | 144 MB

Sound Planet proudly presents “The Frog Sample Pack,” an essential collection for music producers and sound designers. This comprehensive pack offers a diverse array of high-quality sounds designed to inspire creativity and enhance your productions. The sample pack contains 58 meticulously crafted files spread across 3 organized folders, totaling 144MB of premium audio content.

Total Files: 58
Folders: 3
Size: 144MB

Diverse Sound Selection:

Bass Synths: Powerful and punchy bass sounds to drive your tracks with a solid foundation.
Lead Synths: Dynamic and expressive lead sounds perfect for melodies and solos.
High-Quality Audio:
All samples are professionally recorded and processed to ensure top-notch audio quality.
Suitable for various genres, including EDM, hip-hop, pop,trap and more.

Available as a free download, making it an excellent addition to any manufacturer’s toolkit at no cost. If you want to donate money than thanks!


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