The Fundamentals of Musical Sound Design TUTORiAL

The Fundamentals of Musical Sound Design TUTORiAL

P2P | 05 June 2024 | 2.45 GB

My name is yona, i am a sound designer, mixing & mastering engineer, composer and music producer.

I’ve produced original musics as tilde and as the producer of my band klarigon, I create sample packs and I teach advanced music production techniques on youtube.

In this course I want to teach you a solid foundation in the methods and techniques of modern sound design.
This will help you understand pretty much every synth out there, be it Analog or Digital, Plugin, Stock or Hardware.

You’ll realize that what you thought you’d need a new fancy plugin for is probably already possible with the tools you have once you learn to effectively use them.
There will be many examples of patches you can just follow along with, but I believe the real focus of a course like this should be to develop a deep understanding of the underlying principles and functions of synthesis.
We can all just blindly copy steps from a youtube tutorial, but if you really understand how your synthesizers work, you will be able to create any sound you can dream of.

Why not just use Presets?
There’s nothing wrong with presets, they can save you a lot of time and teach you a great deal.
Their real power only becomes available to you however, once you understand how they work.
I personally find, that i can never discover the right preset. I either have to change something here and there or it turns out just making my own is the fastest way forward.
In this course, i aim to teach you both of these skills.

Why Vital?
In my experience, most modern synthesizers are based on the same principles. Once you understand them, using different Software becomes quite easy.
Vital allows us to freely explore those in a simple, powerful gui. It’s free, but don’t be fooled, if you know it well it’s incredibly powerful. Many professional producers and sound designers list it among their favorite synths and prefer it to expensive alternatives.

What to expect:
Starting from the very basics and gradually moving to more and more advanced concepts, I will introduce you to the world of sound design.
As you gain an understanding of different parts of your synthesizer, I will show you different sounds you can now create and use in your music.
I will provide exercises at the end of most lessons and i highly recommed you do them.
This will both help you to retain what you’ve learned and to gradually build up your own library of unique synth presets, ready to be used in your music.

A big thank you to Yhoshua for providing a lot of helpful feedback during the making of this course!

What you’ll learn:
•Understand Modern Sound Design Techniques and Synthesizers
•Create your own sounds to suit your music
•Understand your favorite presets and adjust them to your taste
•In-depth understanding of musical sounds
•Confident use of Vital in your productions


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