The Philosophy of Mixing ( The Art Of Mixing Book 1 ) PDF

( The Art Of Mixing Book 1 ) PDF

58 pages | pdf | 267kb

In this unique eBook, Grammy Awarded Mix Engineer Thomas Juth shares his personal views on mixing. Even though there are many great books, online courses and YouTube videos out there that teach mixing, most of them talk about mixing from a purely technical perspective, without explaining the thought processes behind a great mix.

The Art of Mixing does not aim to be “just another mixing book”, and it won’t teach you how to use a specific DAW or specific plugins. Instead, it focuses on an equally important subject when trying to learn how to mix – mixing philosophy.

Thomas discusses topics such as:

1. The thought processes behind a truly great mix
2. The importance of having a clear workflow, and ways you can organize your time while mixing
3. How to select the right tools/equipment for different situations
4. How to know when a mix is finished


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