The Urban Orchestra WAV

The Urban Orchestra WAV

2 July 2022 | 119 MB

Strategic Audio is back with ‘The Urban Orchestra’. This small but exceptionally high quality musical sample pack is filled with pure music. Just as the name says, it’s all about popular Hip Hop styles done with orchestral textures on top. 22 WAV loops are available, along with an equivalent version of each sample with the effects tails on at the ends! The signature sound created here is inspired by traditional string and piano based orchestra pieces. If you are a fan of that big, full cinematic sound then this is for you. This powerful little pack has 22 exclusive WAV melodies including pianos, tremolo strings, marcato strings, legato strings, orchestral hits, pads and bass. It is a must have for any Hip Hop/R&B producer. No drums are included in the pack but the demo shows you how the samples work with drums. All sounds have been processed by the latest top of the line Waves and Focusrite plug-ins for that album and radio-ready sound.


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