Titanium 3 2023-R2R

Titanium 3 2023-R2R

Team R2R | 05 Jan 2024 | 213 MB

Titanium 3 recreates a series of ubiquitous tube-based studio processors manufactured in Denmark.

The suite includes 5 plugins:
Titanium 1B Comp: An All-Tube Classic
This single-band classic optical mono compressor is incredibly intuitive, musical, and preserves the clarity of the source even at extreme settings, enabling you to achieve your mixing goals quickly and easily.

Titanium 3B Comp
A multi-band compressor featuring 3 independent optical stereo compressors, just like the original hardware unit. Combining the effect of a wide 3-band dynamic control, this processor shines on the main mix bus.

Titanium 3 EQ
Titanium 3 EQ is a passive, all-tube EQ, based on an iconic Pultec-style vintage design. You’ll hear the difference in your mixes once you try it out.

Titanium 3 Preamp
The Titanium 3 Preamp and channel strip modules feature 2 different preamplifiers derived from a compressor and equalizer units, respectively. Even though this little plugin is as simple as it gets, it simply oozes mojo.


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