Training Vocal training: Improve power, range, endurance and control TUTORiAL

Training Vocal training: Improve power, range, endurance and control TUTORiAL

P2P | 19 May 2024 | 3 GB

Whether you’re an aspiring artist in any music genre, a kirtan singer, a musical theatre performer, or simply someone who enjoys singing as a hobby and wants to improve, our cross-training program is designed to trigger proper muscle support and foster muscle memory for unparalleled vocal development. Combining physical workouts with vocal exercises develops all the necessary muscle groups to support your voice effectively. Vocal X can help increase vocal power, range, endurance, and breath control while contributing to improved overall physical health.

This is the first ever cross-training program for singers. In this program, you have full unlimited access to all of the Vocal-X workouts that you can stream anytime. Consistent practice is key to proper development. Our trainers come from various professional coaching and performance backgrounds, from Broadway performers to solo artists and certified vocal coach’s. We have combined the most effective vocal and physical workouts in a new, fun and challenging way to help you improve as a vocal performer and strengthen your body at the same time. Some exercises are more challenging than others. You can modify the physical workouts to better fit your current abilities and work towards completing the full physical and vocal exercises.

What you’ll learn

•Improve vocal power
•Improve vocal range
•Improve breath control
•Improve physical health


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