Unholy Drums OneShot Kit WIN macOS

Unholy Drums OneShot Kit WIN macOS

2 June 2024 | 280.3 MB/313.1 MB

Afraid of ghosts? Hard hitting drums
Step into the realm of rock and metal with “Unholy Drums” – a revolutionary sound pack born from the collaborative genius of Ghost drummer Ludvig Kennberg and renowned producer & engineer Niels Nielsen.

Derived from the raw energy of the music scene in Östergötland, Sweden, each sound in the “Unholy Drums” pack embodies the dark spirit and uncompromising attitude of the genre.

Drawing from their extensive experience in the dark alternative rock and metal music scene, Nielsen and Kennberg have created a collection of drum samples that push the boundaries of sampled drums. From thunderous kicks to piercing snares and haunting cymbals, every sample is meticulously recorded to deliver the distinctive sound of occult rock.

Whether you’re crafting heavy rock anthems, dreamy alternative ballads, industrial beats, or even extreme metal, “Unholy Drums” offers a diverse range of presets to suit your musical vision. Infuse your compositions with the dark textures and aggressive sounds that define the alternative rock and metal genre, unleashing a torrent of sonic fury that commands attention.


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