UVI Drone NKS Library for Komplete Kontrol Maschine

UVI Drone NKS Library

NKS| 247 MB

Welcome to the UVI Drone NKS Browser Library for Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol / Maschine

This library contains all presets for the Drone instrument from UVI. Presets are provided with detailed controller map that covers most of the available controls as well as sound preview files and library artwork for the NKS browser. These presets can be opened in either UVI Workstation or Falcon (both are downloaded and can be selected to install depending which instrument host you use)


Komplete Kontrol Software v2.0+
Maschine Software 2.6+
Supports Komplete Keyboards (all versions)
Supports Maschine Hardware (all versions)
Works on PC / MAC
Supports 64 Bit
Requires UVI Drone
Works with UVI Workstation
Works with UVI Falcon
Requires up-to-date UVI libraries

NOTE: If you receive the error: “Unable to mount the volume” check if an update for the UVI library is available from the UVI website.


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