V Expressions Ltd Master 50 for the Roland TD-6V SYX MiD-ARCADiA

V Expressions Ltd Master 50 for the Roland TD-6V SYX MiD

Team ARCADiA | Expansion Presets for The TD-6v | 5.95 MB

Based on the success and demand of our famous “Top 50 Drummers” series, the Master 50 is a collection of 50 famous drummer’s kits throughout their performing and recording career modeled especially for the TD-6V.

From professional to hobbyist, the Master 50 programming will provide a variety of choices that span many music styles and eras. Including everything from jazz legends to hardcore rockers, this pack has an exciting assortment of some of the best drummers to ever grace the stage.


Our expansion packs are designed around Roland default setups. Auxiliary inputs are programmed as a fouth tom.

We highly recommend VDrumLib as the librarian and transfer utility of choice.

Remember to change the module’s pad settings to match YOUR pads after loading/importing. By doing so, the correct volumes and pad response will take affect for your module and setup. Be sure to save the new version for your personal setup.

Your setup does not have to match ours! If you have a different set up than default, you can easily move instruments around within each kit. This is accomplished by using the “COPY” or “EXCHANGE” feature in your module.


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