Aetherborne Sample Pack Vol. 1 WAV

Aetherborne Sample Pack Vol. 1 WAV

WAV | 199.6 MB

A brand new sample pack based on my album “Aetherborne”. This is volume 1 of 4 which covers a variety of samples from “Into The Machine”, “From Atoms To Pixels”, “Homeworld” & “Sherwood” – all free for you to use in your own projects. Drums, FX, Foley, Synths, Instruments & Basses!

As part of the samples for “Into The Machine”, this one includes the full, clean Grand Chime alphabet which forms the “Aetherspeak” you hear throughout the album. There’s also my current favourite snare of all time included in the “Homeworld” pack.

Each volume will contain samples from 4 of the album tracks going forward! Enjoy 🥰


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