Violin for Beginners: 4 in 1 Beginner’s Guide Tips and Trick

Violin Beginner’s Guide Tips and Trick

English | 2020 | 422 Pages | PDF, EPUB, AZW3 | 49 MB

In this guide, you will find detailed, clear instructions to continue to advance your violin playing. There are numerous performance scenarios, practice ideas, and pieces of music that can be encountered on a regular basis as a beginning violinist. This book will continue to build and expand on previous ideas, providing insight and additional ideas that will help you as you continue to make progress.

One of the most asked questions from beginners, especially adults, is a variation on the question of improvement: what exactly makes the difference between being a beginner violinist and achieving a more refined, mature sound? How can I change my playing to sound more melodious? I have learned basic songs already, so how can I move beyond this and learn more advanced music? What if I am preparing to perform and share my current progress, including covers and original songs?
Maybe you are ready to move beyond playing in your home and want to give public performances or join a musical ensemble. Wherever the next steps in your musical journey may take you, it all begins with practice, preparation, and guidance. Guidance will come from a variety of resources, from the tips in this book to professional teachers or musicians or video tutorials. Be sure to further enrich your violin studies by using elements of each.

While technical and musical preparation can ultimately be worked on separately, your goal, as an advancing violinist, should be to merge the two. Only when you have a combination of both sides of playing the violin will your playing advance. This book will not only provide insight on how to combine both elements to become more advanced, but also give advice on extending your violin performance outside of your practice and taking it into your community! Let us begin!




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